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Some words about me

François Fregonese, born in Chantilly in 1962, has lived in Coye-la-Forêt (Oise) until the age of 33 before settling in the Episcopal city of Albi (France), in the département of Tarn, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Already at the age of 14, he took unconventional pictures, whether it was a landscape photo, a portrait or a photomontage. He deepened his knowledge in shooting techniques and laboratory work.

He acquired his experience over the years, moving from analogue photography in the beginning of 1976 to digital photography in 2008.

Today he works with film as well as in digital, with a strong sense of aesthetics; the two techniques both, one as much as the other, allowing him to create a work of art.

The environment as perceived by François Fregonese is simultaneously eclectic, amusing and poetic. Interminably observing, different subjects interest him, especially the tormented landscapes, portraits, unusual and humorous situations, quirky and funny pictures.

He also does shootings with a large-format view camera which he will present on this website at a later date. This site only provides a few digital shots.


  • 4 photographs exhibited at 47th departmental photographic art fair Basane d'Or 2017 Exhibition at F.A.R. Graulhet (81) of 3 to 18 November 2017. Collective exhibition.
  • Entre terre & ciel, l'océan Exposure to CMS Toulouse from 26 January to 13 February 2015.
  • 18-11-2011. Exposure to Cheng association, 9 rue de la Rachoune 81000 Albi - FRANCE - on the occasion of an open day for the week of mental health. Collective exhibition.
  • Exhibition at the Photo-Club of Coye-la-Forêt (Picardy) from 1 November to 10 November 1991. Collective exhibition.


Excellent photos , never lack of creativity Congratulation It is a pleasure going through your image collection I will be FOLLOWING you with interest and as inspiration Waiting your next ones All the best.
— marcosny (Leica FotoPark)


I saw your photographs on your web. I feel what a beautiful black and white photographs. I take the black and white photographs, too. Please become your friend.
— Minoru Takahara (facebook, 2011)


Argentic Camera: Sinar ; Leica ; Hasselblad ; Mamiya.

Argentic Film: Kodak ; Ilford ; Agfa ; Fujifilm

Digital Camera: Fujifilm ; Nikon ; Leica ; Leaf / Mamiya

Lighting: Metz

Flashmeter: Minolta ; Sinar Expolux

Color Management System: X-Rite

Digital Film: Kingston ; Sandisk

Digital Processing: Adobe Photoshop ; Phase One Capture ; Photo Mechanic

Digital Retouching & scans: Francois Fregonese

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All photographs by Francois Fregonese presented on this website were digital and vintage prints.

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